Since Firefox 3.0 has a funky new Quicksilver-esque navigation bar, bookmarks are stored in a different place and in a different language. You have to ask Firefox 3.0 to export in the Firefox 2.0 style for Quicksilver to be effective.


The hack



    1. In the navigation bar, type in about:config. And “void your warrany” — that’s a joke from the Mozilla folks.


    1. Start typing in browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML until you find it. This is the setting for the Firefox-2.0-style bookmark saving.


    1. Toggle this setting to “true” by double-clicking or left clicking and selecting “Toggle.”



After that tweak, Firefox will export the bookmarks to bookmarks.html every time you close it. From there, Quicksilver will see the bookmarks or quicksearches you’ve been saving.

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