In college, it’s easy to become self-centered. Everything is being given to you all at once; it’s natural to try to grab as much as you. Sometimes, though, we bite off more than we can chew. We have everything we want, but we’re still unhappy. We think it’s because we don’t have enough- hunger- but really it’s because we have too much- indigestion.

The following is super lame, un-collegiate wisdom. But if you’ve had all your college tips maximized, this may help around the edges.

1. Do Unto Others

Give back something to the community. That can be your friends or family but it should be someone else. It’s easy to be self-obsessed in college- everything’s maximized for you you you- but that isn’t good for a person’s spirit.

Maybe donate $3 to this website, http://rollingjubilee.org/. It’s three dollars: super easy. You’ll have done your good deed of the day- even the week- and been a part of helping the anonymous community of Americans we all take part in. Every dollar spent demolishes twenty dollars of debt: it’s a terrific deal, and if we all took part, America would be just a little bit better off. Do your part: maybe it’s not that, but a smile, a word of support, or an hour of volunteer work. Whatever it is, do it for others. It’ll make you feel better in ways you didn’t know you needed.

2. Not Everyone Is Having Sex All The Time

Repeat that after me. No, not aloud dingus. Everyone in the room is going to look at you funny.

Here’s something that took me a while to figure out: not everyone was having sex all the time. Virgins are more common than you think, and even your friends aren’t getting laid as much as you think. No, really, that’s true. So calm down about all that right now. If you think you’re not having as much sex as everyone else, chances are you’re closer to the average than you think- maybe even above it, dending on your friends. The second realization was even harder for me to get: that wasn’t the purpose of college/life.

Hook-up culture is a thing; it’s sold to us in magazines, movies and frats as the ultimate college purpose. And yeah, it’s a perk, but it’s not a purpose. A purpose is what you live your life according to, what you devote your days and nights to on end. Treating hook-ups like that is a huge problem. One, it commodifies sex in a weird way that promotes risky and stupid behavior and two, it makes everyone miserable. Hooking up with someone should be awesome. It shouldn’t be a mission of a night that needs five beers to even begin.

3. Push Yourself

I’m a slacker. I goofed through my high-school and college courses for eight years total. I had ADD, sure, but I had a secret gift for speed-reading and a natural instinct for essays. I could’ve overcome my ADD, especially after I began my medication. I had something else, though, which was my attitude.

I figured if I worked twice as fast as everyone else, I only needed to work half as hard. Then, half became less than a half. I slid and accepted B’s in slam-dunk A classes, and I shrugged off C’s when I got them. It was a hard class, I told myself. Whatever.

That’s easy logic in College, where there’s so much to do party-wise, but at some point, you grow to fill your atmosphere. I wasn’t happy not working. It was weird waking up at noon every day. And I missed out on so much. I could’ve doubled-majored: I just found out I’m good at political science and I love it. Who knew? Me, maybe, if I’d bothered.