Allergies are a pain in the ass. If you’re one of those people that get them seasonally it’s even worse. You can put out wads of cash for doctor visits and prescriptions or you can just pay attention to what’s in your own home. Some healing items may already be in your possession. If not, you can get them for cheap. And all of them are good for your body and help chill allergic reactions the hell out.

Green Tea

Green tea holds a wealth of health benefits, but if you’re an allergy sufferer you have added resolve to brew a few cups. Methylated epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the key ingredient within green tea that blocks a cell receptor that triggers allergic responses. So drinking green tea actually blocks the very thing that has you sniffling all day.

Allegra, Zyrtec and other allergy medications will cost $15 for a thirty day supply and that’s after any discounts. The same supply of green tea might cost $5. Dig that math.

Fish Oil

Fish oil (a.k.a. Omega-3 fatty acids) can be found in plant oils, cold water fish and other parts of nature. Nature knows what it’s doing because fish oil can do everything for a body short of make it walk on water. It lowers inflammation in the blood vessels and joints, boosts heart health, helps with depression and suppresses some allergic sympoms.

Prices on fish oil supplements vary, but you can get a six month supply for $20 from some vendors. Now you can save money on allergy meds and Kleenex.

Wash Your Shower Curtain

Mold spores, when ingested, cause allergy sufferers’ immune systems to overreact. If you keep mold out of your home, you’ll save yourself a world of hurt. Start by keeping your place dry and clean and focusing on your shower curtain. Few items in the home collect mold faster. Less mold, less sneeze.

Eat Chicken

The beef you eat comes from cows. Duh, right? Well, these cows need to be fed something in order to produce the beef they’ll be slaughtered for. What this feed could contain is unreal to say the least.

The lone star tick is located primarily in the southwestern part of the US. It’s been recently found that its bite triggers a beef allergy in many of its human victims.

What do these two things have in common? Beef allergies in the US have steadily gone up over the last decade. So just eat chicken and save yourself the allergic hassle.

Vitamin C

Your immune system overcompensates when hit with pollen and other allergy triggers. If you beef up your immune system, it won’t have to overcompensate and make you all sniffly and miserable. Vitamin C is everywhere from candies and supplements to drinks. And cheaply available.


One way to treat allergic reactions is to expose the allergy sufferer to small amounts of the trigger in order to chill out your spastic immune system. Honey contains trace amounts of pollen while being cheap and delicious. Put a little bit in your green tea and double down on anti-allergy power. Honey is also the only food product that will never rot or go bad.

Salt Water Nasal Rinse

Of all the allergic treatments available this is the most obnoxious. But when pollens nestle in your nostrils your body starts getting all bent out of shape. Remove them from your nostrils and you’re good.

Doctors will prescribe a saline wash to accomplish this, but saline is just water and salt. Save yourself the doctor and prescription fees and just get some salt and baking soda. You can also get one of those squeeze bulbs or liquid syringes to help in the procedure.