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For some time now, PayPal has been the go-to service for quickly sending money and individual-to-individual transactions. It works without problem for most, but does charge a 2.9% fee (plus $0.30) on each transaction within the U.S. And while that’s not a monstrous fee, you don’t have to be a finance major to realize that can add up after multiple transactions.

Google’s Wallet service is a relatively new and nice PayPal alternative, but does require you to sign up for the service and add a bank account if you want to send or receive money fee-free. If you opt for sending via a debit or credit card, you’re looking at a 2.9% fee.

square cash email

Square Cash, on the other hand, is a much more simple way to send and receive money online. All you and the recipient need is an email address and a debit card. There’s no signup required (it is available, though) and sending money basically boils down to composing a short email and hitting send.

How it Works

1. Compose an email with the recipients email address in the “To” form and in the “CC” form

2. Add the amount (e.g. $50) to the subject line.

3. Write your message to the recipient just as you would with any email and hit send.

4. Wait a few seconds for a reply from Square. This is when you link your debit card.

5. Square sends off the message — with the money attached — to the recipient.

6. The recipient links their debit card and receives the money within 1-2 business days.

Things to Know

  • Both the sender and recipient’s debit card must currently be a U.S.-issued Visa or Mastercard.
  • If you send cash to the wrong email address and someone accepts before you’re able to cancel, you will have to dispute the payment.
  • The recipient has 14 days to accept the payment, after which the funds will be returned to the sender.
  • As of writing this, Tennessee and Hawaii residents can only receive funds using Square Cash.
  • You can download the Square Cash app for iPhone or Android to send cash while on the go.

Despite the soft launch’s limitations, Square Cash is a great way to send money with no fees.