Every morning, I turn on my computer. Every morning I wait 5 valuable minutes to log in to windows. Yes, on my Dell 700m, which is little more than a year old with 1.5 Gb of RAM, it takes 5 minutes for Windows to log in. And it’s not because I can’t remember my password.

It’s because Windows is trying to connect to each network drive. You see, I’m a network drive kind of guy. I write scripts using RoboCopy to keep everything updated on all my computers. To keep the scripts simply, I just map my home and office drives to different letters on my laptop.

But because I’m never in two places at once, half the drives are always disconnected. So Windows XP always takes it’s dear sweet time looking for them at log in. Why at log-in? Why every time? Why not when I actually go to access the resource?

Microsoft: please fix this.