They say the best way to prevent a hangover is to not drink at all. I prefer the method of drinking so much you wake up drunk. Hey, you’re not hungover, right?

While I am no organic chemist, I do remember a few things from high school chemistry. Particularly, I remember that Carbon rings (a.k.a. the blackness on burnt toast) work great to absorb other chemicals, especially those toxins that make Saturday and Sunday mornings yucky.

I initially inadvertently tried the Burnt Toast Method (BTM) last week while at dinner. I intentionally executed BTM yesterday morning. It worked like magic, although it didn’t taste the best. I now swear by the BTM.

Here are the steps:


    1. Drink in excess, preferably in the company of friends or debutantes.


  • Wake up the next morning with a splitting headache, groggy, and exhausted.



  • Stumble to cupboard or cafeteria.



  • Burn toast with vigor (some black but not completely cardboard).



  • Apply a dressing of some sort. I prefer a burnt bagel with cream cheese.



  • Observe as your hangover disappears at a significantly quicker pace.



  • Start drinking again.



Photo from user indigotimbre.