Every guy wishes he could be a ladies man: always knows the best places to eat, the best places to hang out, the best places to… shop?

Thankfully, Yelp.com transforms every dude with an Internet connection into a chic mass of testosterone.

Yelp.com is a user-maintained city guide that constantly surprises with its accuracy. Maybe that’s because its reviews are legitimate; corporations–and more specifically advertisers–have no say in the reviews. If a restaurant’s food tastes like sawdust, the reviews reflect that. Any one can create an account; any one can post a review. Think of it as MySpace, but with less garbage, more info, and content that promotes a healthy social life. Basically, don’t think of MySpace.

One of the handiest functions is Yelp.com’s integration with Google maps. I, for example, type in LMU’s zip code (90045) and Yelp.com gives me close and delectable dining. Score.

The user reviews are spot on. I checked out a few of the restaurants I frequent in the area: Ayara Thai, C & O Cucina, and Hacienda Del Rey. Surprise, surprise, the reviews are spot on.

Who knew being suave could be so simple?