There are points in my life where I am certain the existence of God. There are also points in my life where I question I will graduate college on-time. This time happens to both of those points.

While browsing around Lifehacker, my heart skipped a beat. Being the money-grubbing college student that I am, I don’t have the spare change to eBay an old NES. That’s where vNES comes in: online flash-based emulation of hundreds of classic games.

While vNES won’t get you the street cred that a physical NES promises, it will allow you to relive the memories of childhood. I quickly checked for my personal favorites: the old TMNT games. They were right there, as promised. I started kicking ass immediately.

It’s probably safe to assume that, because of vNES, college students aroung the country will be spending an extra quarter/semester or two in school. But who wouldn’t?

Check it out and take some names in your favorite game: vNES.