Upon arriving at college, I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and get organized. The nerdly side of me decided to get a dayplanner from www.daytimer.com.

That was great and all, it worked out well for the year that I bought it, but it was quite pricey (somewhere above $50, yikes). It kept me organized and gave me a place to jot down thoughts when I needed to. But alas, come this time of year again, I don’t feel like shelling out another $40 for a refill of the sheets. Thank God for PocketMod.

PocketMod provides the equivalent of a dayplanner for a cent or two. All you need is a printer.

While PocketMod is still in “beta,” (what isn’t these days?) it is still quite functional. I’ve started using one myself. A student can simply customize the dayplanner they want then print it out on a piece of paper. After the planner has been printed out, you just have to staple and fold it and voila. You can even throw in some storyboards. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Check it out and get organized: PocketMod