Oh no(es)! It’s 15 minutes before that gut-busting party you were planning on throwing and you realized you don’t have enough/the right kind of/funk music! Well, you do, except it’s spread out across your closest friends’ (and auxilary hosts) iPods.

iPod -> Folder to the rescue!

While it has a clunky and awkward name, “iPod -> Folder” could potentially save any music-needing situation from the bowels of “cool” “retro” 90′s hits. It copies all of the music from an iPod onto a computer simply and easily, thus opening doors of crunktastic mixes and hyphy beats.

So dance to the latest musics from around the world without pulling your hair out while trying to use myTunes or OurTunes.

Save your next dank, dorm room party: iPod -> Folder