One of the most annoying and pointlessly time-consuming tasks any student ever does is craft a bibliography. Let’s face it, they are lame beyond all comprehension.

Thankfully, for those using Firefox, there’s a handy extension that can expedite your bibliography process. It’s called Zotero.

Zotero is a slick little bibliographer tracker/organizer. If you’re browsing a site and find a quote you want, you bring up the Zotero window with Ctrl Alt Z, then click a button. Zotero instantly logs the site’s address, time of visit, and presents a window to fill in other information. Blickity-blam.

You can also keep track of books and other sources, so that all of your sources are in one place.

When you’re all done, you can export your bibliography to a few different bibliography files or a text file. Now you can just import that into whatever program you wish, and you just saved yourself an hour or two constructing a bibliography. Zing.

Never worry about a bibliography again: Zotero