I arrive to class. I sit down. I open up my laptop to take notes. The lecture is 50 minutes long. The professor saves his “conclusions to remember” until the end. I’ve got 46 minutes of battery life… No worries!

With a few tips, I can keep my laptop on throughout the lecture, get all the notes, and even chuckle to myself the next time I see another kid have to power down from a dead battery.

1) Power down all nonessential functions: If you’re not using it, turn it off. Your wireless card consumes a lot of battery life even if you are not using it because it constantly is searching for networks. If you are running any large programs that you don’t need, shut them down.

2) Laptop Screen Brightness: The screen brightness is one of the fastest way to drain a battery. Be sure to turn it down a few levels to help consume battery life.

3) Turn off Monitor: Set the monitor to turn off after one minute of the laptop being inactive.

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