Now that you know your laptop won’t die on you in class, the next thing that’s probably got you distracted from achieving your full potential in college is Freecell. Don’t lie! I’ve seen so many of you playing it!

If you really want that screen at the end, that illustrious victory, that subtle edge over the kid setting next to you, let me give you a few shortcuts, in response to the questions I know you’re asking me.

1. Emo Kid: “I just want to read ‘Congratulations!’ –like I did when getting in to college! What ever happened to those letters?!”

Well, Emo Kid, try this:
Hold down Shift and Ctrl. Then hit F10. You’ll be prompted with a choice, but don’t worry. Just hit Abort. …Oh, sweet victory!

2. Independent: “I don’t need your help, you know. I can do it myself. Just, maybe uh, get me started, would you?”

Well, Independent, try these:
From Game, go to Select Game. You’ll have to go against the grain here, but i know you’ve got it in you. Try putting in a “-1″. The cards will be in ascending order!
Or try putting in a “-2″. The cards will be in descending order (depending on how you look at it). You are also on your way to great things.

I hope this helps, guys! But, really. Playing games in class, you’re only cheating yourself.