I’ve got a cell phone. So does my brother at Harvard. So does my mother in Indiana. My father, well, he’s holding out.

We’re all with T-mobile, but it’s not a family plan. In my case, I like T-mobile because I get free T-mobile-to-T-mobile minutes, and I also get unlimited texting. I pay $30 a month, but I’ve only got 150 minutes during the weekdays and 500 minutes during the weekends each month. But, hey, it works. I don’t like to talk on the phone that much.

But many do.

So MyRatePlan.com looks to accomplish what, as my title suggests, Geico.com offers with auto insurance. You can compare lots of cell phone plans; you can also find out which plan supports that particular Nokia mobile phone that you’ve been dying to have (or maybe that’s just me).

As a college student, you’re almost on your way to total independence. Why not start now and pay your own cell phone bill? But be informed about it!

(Oh, and I’ve also heard about MobileBurn.com)