Ok, maybe it’s not, but college pranks don’t just happen in April!

I was recently at The Game this past weekend over at Harvard. Yale came out with the victory 34-13 this year. Two years ago, I recall, no one remembered the score, but everyone remembered the prank Yale had pulled on Harvard.

This year, MIT decided to show its name. Two streakers ran out onto the field; one got through. This video, I took. You can (barely) see me at the end next to my friend Barbara Barreno (Harvard ’07). Though not seen in the video, the boy had “MIT” written on his back.

So, pranks are all around. Large or small.

Let me introduce you all to how technology fits into all of this. Specifically, how it fits into prank (“crank”) calls. Let’s check out IP-Relay.com and Valleywag’s tips for Google Maps.

Using IP-Relay.com, you can make a telephone call from your computer to any landline/cell phone in the United States for free. The catch (and possibly the coolest part) is that you talk through an operator –what many in the Deaf culture use. I’ve used this while in class to talk to others who don’t get texting. But I’ll let your imagination go with this one.

Using Valleywag’s tips for Google Maps, he lists:

1. go to http://maps.google.com
2. search for, say, “sex addicts”
3. choose a listing
4. hit the call button
5. when prompted for a number, enter the hated one’s digits
6. perfect evil snicker

But, as always, keep in mind that IP-Relay.com and Google take fraud and spamming very seriously.