Yep, my roommate has an Ipod. My friend Lindsay just got one for her birthday. And now my friend Lauren asks, “How can I put my Ipod music back on my computer after you (she’s referring to me here, haha) reformatted it?”

Well, some say that Zune is the Ipod killer… But I won’t go into that right now.

So for how to send your Ipod music to your computer, WikiHow tells all:

1. Disable the “automatically update” option in Itunes. If theres nothing in itunes, you soon will have nothing on your ipod.
2. Plug your ipod into your computer
3. Go to or just and search PodUtil
4. Search for PodUtil and download.
5. Start PodUtil and transfer songs by checking them off and clicking SCAN on the bottom right side.

And be sure to re-read Step 1!! That’s so important!

So apparently, this PodUtil will work to send your own Ipod songs to your own computer, but you could also use it to rip another’s Ipod music to your computer, too. How useful!

But, if you’re not a friend of using third-party applications to do all your dirty work and would like longer instructions, you can check out MP3Buzz’s quest to own your music, too.