As I flip through the Internet, I tend to get stopped by a few websites. I’m a huge procrastinator, like many college students, and the Internet has probably been nothing but an interruption to me lately, but, hey, I like it. Therefore, I’d like to show you all my newest find: DareJunkies.

If you like YouTube and if you’ve got the time and a video camera, why not win your share of $5000? DareJunkies sets up a few contests –some “dares”. Users of the website videotape themselves performing the “dare”, submit it, and hope they get the most votes.

And if that’s not enough:

We want to see your best videos. Did you accidentally fall thru a window doing a keg stand, and someone filmed it? Great. We want to see it. The top 5 most viewed videos wins a $100 prize each month.

So take a second and check out DareJunkies! The current contest ends December 31st.