So I was asked today to help wrap some gifts for a baby shower. Sure, I helped, but I’m neither practiced nor proficient. And so I figured: Some of you probably aren’t either. Digg-ing along, I found a great article in the UK News on the exact formula for wrapping the perfect gift:

The formula is the brainchild of Dr Sara Santos of the University of Manchester, who has been working with to help its team wrap the perfect Christmas presents.

She has considered all the factors that could impact on gift wrapping – the shape of the box, the pattern of the paper, and the amount of paper and tape wasted in the wrapping process.

Dr Santos’ equation – ½(d 2h w)² = 2(w h)² – proves that wrapping attractive Christmas gifts is not just a matter of choosing the most stylish paper and trimmings, but is actually a highly technical process with little margin for error.

Where “d” equals the depth of the box, “h” equals its height, and “w” equals its width.

But I know some of you are more visual, so I also found some great tutorials from the SHIMOJIMA Co:

Last but not least, some people just don’t have the spatial skills for wrapping. Maybe I just don’t. And so I found some good practice over at GamePuma.

Hope this helps!