Hello. I’m back in my home town of Everett, Washington for the break watching “Waterworld” of all movies. I know, good movie.

Anyway, I spent Friday through Sunday on a service trip called De Colores in Mexico. It’s the stereotypical build-a-house-in-a-third-world-country type of service trip. (Mexico isn’t necessarily third world, but I had never seen poverty like this.)

Anyway, I’m usually not one for the hardcore service trips. (I realize service may be less of a consideration at other schools, but LMU is huge on service.) But I’m definitely thankful I chose to take two days out of my break to go on this trip.

And so I recommend considering a service trip such as De Colores. It was by no means a life-changing trip, but I had fun and it changed my perspective a little bit.

For now, back to “Waterworld.”