Caffeine is a necessity of a productive life. For some people, it may be the reason for a productive life. I start every morning with a latte, whether it be from the campus coffee shop or from dad’s espresso machine while I’m at home. And I’m a stuck-up prick when it comes to coffee. But who wouldn’t want a delectable coffee treat every morning?

Espresso is a very finicky liquid; it can spoil easily and needs to be served at the right temperature. My drink of choice, a latte, is made up of (usually) one to three shots of espresso dumped into steamed milk. They only get messed up every one in awhile.

So, I’ve got a little known tip for any hot, espresso-based drink. Because brewed espresso will spoil if left out in the air for more than about 10 seconds (Starbucks says 4, sites will say 30). To avoid this potential spoilage, warm up an ounce or two of milk in the microwave, and immediately after the espresso is done brewing pour the milk in. This mellows the coffee taste well; the bitter taste of espresso apparently means that the espresso has spoiled (news to me). I’ve been using this little trick for about a month now, and it definitely makes a difference. Sure it may be a placebo effect, but I swear it works.

Now you’re coffee tomorrow morning will taste nice and smooth. Happy New Year.