Not having a Mac for three weeks has been like starving myself very slowly. Maybe I’ll give up using OS X for Lent or something. Seeing nifty little programs that could replace a few lists and whatnot that I already.

Task List is a program designed by Aaron Dodson, a god among students. Task List is a program designed to consolidate to-do lists, notes, goals, and research all into one place. It’s slick integration with OS X gives you a nice little widget that reminds you what needs to be done when.

Task List offers the following features:

  • Main task list, with substeps

  • Notes window

  • Goals window

  • Reference window

  • Graphing capabilities of completed objectives

  • Task list widget

There are a few drawbacks that I can see so far, but they will only be fixed as the product matures. Right now, the biggest drawback is probably its exclusive Mac availability. I despise Windows XP, but any useful program definitely needs dual OS support or a similar product offered for the unlucky platform. Also, the program right now feels like someone just playing around with Cocoa for OS X. Again, as the program matures this feeling will go away. Hell, any one that complains should download the source code and fix it themselves.

Task List is a solid program that is useful for any student… with a Mac.

Click through and get some work done next term/quarter/semester: Task List