While reading Lifehacker early this morning (10 am), I read their article on how to quickly and precisely wrap the ubiquitous iPod earbuds (the technique isn’t anything earth-shattering). The video:

That’s nice and all, but for keeping iPod earbuds nicely wrapped I use these little Belkin TuneTies. They are little pieces of rubber that are designed to hold your earbuds, and they do their job perfectly. I gave these to my younger sister last Christmas and then Indian gave (stole) one of them back. The Tunetie helps keeps your headphones nice and compact; my nerdly self carries my iPod headphones with me wherever I go, even if I don’t have my iPod.

If you are so inclined to pick up a set (they only come in sets of three), please use our Amazon link below. You pay the same price, but HackCollege gets a little bit of a kickback (4%).