Rosario here. And I’m back. Let me save you money on your cell phone bill.

Before Christmas, a friend of mine got one of those new Razr phones after switching to T-mobile (now we can talk for free!). Because my Nokia 6800 only has polyphonic ringtones, I was excited for her since the Razr has .mp3 ringtones (and bluetooth capability!). Now, instead of her paying $.99-$4.99 for every ringtone, I wanted to quickly find out how to make them (for free) and then send them to the phone (for free). And I’ve got results.

I remembered reading an article over at Lifehacker that demonstrated how to use the free software Audacity and lame_enc.dll to create your own 20-second ringtone from any .mp3 file you have on your computer. Sweet! This way, you get to choose. Want the melody? Or do you want that really emo line that always makes you cross your heart and hope to die?

Okay, kidding. About that last part.

But moving on. Now, for those of you who don’t want to download software, Mobile17 will trim the .mp3 file for you and send it to your phone via the phone’s email address (i.e. [email protected]). Since it’s free, there’s a line, but, eh, it works.

Anyone not done shopping for the holidays? I’d love the Nokia E70