Re: Classhack: Turn Your Phone Off in Class

I don’t know for sure, Kelly, but I think the stress you’re talking about is the feeling you get when your phone goes off, the professor notices and either gives you a dirty look or, even worse, actually says something directly at you. So, yeah, you could turn it off, or you could turn it on silent, or you could turn it to vibrate. But… Aren’t we HackCollege? I’d like to introduce you all to the mosquito ringtone (what I personally recommend):

Teen Buzz (or Mosquito Ringtone) is a popular ringtone that was hijacked from a technology that was originally used to repel loitering teenagers from shops in the United Kingdom. Inventor Howard Stapleton developed the “Mosquito device” for Compound Security Systems. This device emits a modulated 17khz sound that proves to be a great annoyance to teenagers or anyone younger, but leaves most over twenty years of age unaffected. This is due to Presbycusis, a normal loss of acute hearing that occurs with advancing age. Teen Buzz was developed using the same technology, but as a constant 14.4khz high frequency ringtone. It is primarily used in the classroom, allowing students to be alerted of incoming text messages on their mobile phones without the knowledge of their teachers. hosts several tones from several frequencies, so you can choose the highest one you can hear, download it, and then send it to your phone using mobile17. You’ll hear it when you get a text or a call. Your professor won’t. Stress… Gone!

So, you’ll all have to let me know how it works. Unfortunately, like I said before, my phone still only supports polyphonic ringtones. Tear.