About a week ago, I wrote about a slick program named Task List in the article titled “Task List: Plan Your Procrastination, Schedule Your Slacking.” In response to the post, one of my friends asked me to give some pointers on how I use the program. So, I fired it up and came up with a few tricks:

  • Move the TaskList.app onto a flash drive. I didn’t think I was capable of such common sense. Since the program is a measly 5 MB, you won’t take a performance hit for running this sucker off a thumb drive. If it’s on a thumb drive and you need to update it at someplace other than your home computer, you are no longer out of luck. This is a great alternative for those of us not shelling out the $99 for an iDisk account. (Task List has built in .Mac compatibility.)

  • Don’t delay putting your assignments into (onto?) Task List. Once it’s written down, even if you are a procrastinating, it’s on your mind. If it’s on your mind, your subconscious is crunching away at the problem/assignment. Once you finally sit down to complete the work, most of it will just fall out onto the paper (if you’re lucky).

  • Always keep Task List open. Homework is usually daunting, and minimizing a window doesn’t make it go away. Task List is a tiny program that uses plenty of visual elements built into OS X. Even a computer with 256 MB of RAM, you won’t notice the performance hit.

Hope this helped, let us know in the comments if you use any tips or tricks yourself.