So my friend Lindsay sent me a link to Matt B Thompson’s “Light or [Lighter-Weight Apps] to Replace Memory Hogs in Windows XP”, asking me, “There are a lot of programs listed. Which, if any, does HackCollege recommend?”

Alright, I’m not sure I did the “[ ]” right, but, either way, Matt’s got a great list of software that won’t slow down your computer. And that’s definitely one of the things that annoy me with Windows XP! I mean, with all the programs I’ll have running at once, it slows down –which does make sense but nonetheless still pinches my productivity.

So, of his great list, I personally am currently using and therefore highly recommend the following:

About these programs,

  • Media Player Classic will play practically every type of media (audio, video) that ever exists.

  • Firefox is a “duh”.

  • Thunderbird is a lot safer than Outlook.

  • AdAware SE will keep the adware off your computer (adware is bad!).

  • And Meebo is an Internet-based version of AIM.

I think I’ll even add to my own collection:

That will hopefully replace my Adobe Reader 7.0 with something sleeker and simpler. Furthermore, I also recommend (which weren’t on Matt’s list):

Let me know about any other great programs in the comments. Open-source software is always a plus!