Let me teach you all a fun game I’ve heard called: Power Hour. This requires 60 minutes, a case of beer, some music, and one small download or an Internet connection.

First, what is a “Power Hour“?

Power hour (also known as ten minute warning), with its variant centurion (or century club), is a type of drinking game where every player drinks one shot of beer every minute. In power hour this happens for 1 hour, with a shot size of 1.5 fluid ounces (US), or 45ml, totalling 90 fluid ounces (US), 7.5 12 fluid ounce (US) measures, 2.66 litres, or 4.68 Imperial pints. All players that successfully complete the total number shots without retiring are winners. The game is simple and may appear easy, but players often have difficulty completing it.

Second, what are the risks?

Like many other drinking games, alcohol poisoning is a legitimate danger to players of power hour or its variants.

Alright. Now let’s move on. Have you got your beer? Do you have an hour to spend? Do you have a shot glass? Yes, yes, yes? Let’s get some music. This is the important part. Instead of having someone keep the time, most create a cd with songs that end at the minute mark. In other words, you’ll hear a new song every minute. This lets you know that it’s time to take another.

If you’re lazy, let others create your mix for you:

  • hour of power has a 60-minute compilation of 1-minute videos that you can download. It also has a 60-minute compilation of 1-minute songs from movies that you can download and use.

  • Play Power Hour streams 1-minute songs. If you don’t want to download anything and will have the Internet, I totally recommend this site. It has many genres of music to pull from.

If you like being in control, I recommend:

  • iPowerHour works very well with iTunes. You give it a playlist; it’ll play the first minute of each song.

  • MP3Trim 2 is also great. It’s what I use. You can “trim” the ending of any song to fit the length you want (i.e. 1 minute). Be sure to Save As to another folder, so that you don’t overwrite your music. After you create your songs, just burn them to a cd.

Ya’ll are good to go. Enjoy the night.