I have a great post coming tomorrow (Thursday) for how to get your drink on, but, for tonight, some of you who aren’t doing homework might take the time out to relax and watch a movie.

At Yale, “Do you wanna come over and watch a movie?” is a classic pick-up line.

But, moving on. If you don’t have Netflix (tsk, tsk) or don’t want to spend money over at Blockbuster, there are lots of options available on the Internet. I’ve previously posted on this, but I’ll do a quick re-cap:

If you’ve got a nice, large desktop area, then it might be fine watching a movie from your computer screen. Click on the movie to make it fullscreen. But, if watching movies on your computer isn’t your style, let me teach you all how to download them and then burn them to playable DVDs (should you have a DVD burner and, obviously, a DVD player) in just 5 steps.

Step 1. Head on over to Simplistic’s Move Links and pick a flick! If you get a screen that says it’s busy, just chill out. The Internet can have lines, too! Now, choose your movie (from the many links on the left). For this example, I chose “You Got Served”. Go ahead and click. See all the parts? Each part is about 20 minutes.


Step 2. Get the video’s address. In Firefox, right-click > View Page Source. Then, use Edit > Find to search for Part 1. Scroll, and then you will see src="http://...". Typically, I believe these are all dailymotion videos, but I could be wrong. In any case, you have to find the address (the “src=”) for each “part”. For “You Got Served”, there are 6 parts, so there will be 6 unique addresses.



Step 3. Download the entire movie to your computer using KeepVid. Remember the addresses you collected in Step 2? Copy, Paste these into KeepVid. Select “Dailymotion” or whichever source the addresses are from (could be YouTube or Google), and then click Download. A window will now show up below! Right-click and Save Target As… to your Desktop. This will be a .flv file. Download for each address.



Step 4. If you don’t have it already, download and install DVD Flick. This is some amazing open-source software that will allow you to burn movie files onto playable DVDs! How nice!


Step 5. Configure your settings, add titles, and create your DVD! If that’s not self-explanatory enough, go ahead and read Lifehacker’s Hack Attack Tutorial.