You missed a lecture, and you need the notes. Or you hate synchronizing the notes from your laptop to your desktop all the time. Or you and your friend share notes, and you’re tired of opening email attachments all the time. Or you’ve experienced a virus before finals already once and want to ensure your notes are forever safe. What are your options? Well, let’s take notes online from now on. Let’s share them with others, too.

There are a couple of options I’ve already heard of:

  • lets you take, share, and download your notes. It also allows you to connect with your Facebook friends. You can even keep track of your grades. Also, I love its layout.

  • NoteMesh asks its users to collaborate to graduate. Its wiki-style system is a great idea. Instead of searching through everyone’s notes, NoteMesh asks its users to collaborate and produce/edit one set of notes for a class.

  • mynoteIT has so many more features than all the others. Not only can you upload .doc and .html notes, but you can also scan in images and even audio files from lectures. Wow.

  • NoteCentric is a new one. What I like best about it are the RSS feeds and the discussion boards for each course. This chatroom idea, I haven’t seen elsewhere.

  • UniversityNotes takes it one step further and asks its users to share tests as well. Right now, it’s only open to select schools, so you’ll have to check and see if your university or college is available first.

All in all, each service has its good qualities.

If you’re looking for a spot to store your notes and have some on your computer, some in a notebook, some on a recorder, I clearly recommend mynoteIT, as it has the most options. However, the big deal is that you need to find the one that most of your college is on, so that you can really take advantage of the actual intent of social note taking. For that, is probably the best one, as it links well with Facebook.

But, please let us know in the comments if you use any of these services and which university/college you attend. Any Yalies out there?