Unbeknownst to many, a new trend is sweeping the nation. It is not blunts nor television, but parents will still find it disturbing. It is the practice known to some only as “spring break.”

While we are well aware that the actual spring breaks of schools are approaching, this yelling has nothing to do with it. The idea is such:

  • One is in a moving car

  • One identifies passers-by meandering at a certain distance

  • One rolls down one’s window

  • One yells “Spring Break!” perhaps adding one’s favorite year at the end.

  • Passers-by within earshot instinctively cheer uncontrollably

Be warnst, though. During your school’s actual spring break, it is of the utmost faux pas to yell “spring break.” Rather, one must yell something else such as “Final Weeks” or “Labour Day Weekend.”

What does one yell outside of one’s car window?