First of all: Yes, I’m posting at 1:30am on a Saturday morning. I swear I did not sit at my computer the entire night. To follow-up Rosario’s most recent post regarding the illustrious, I’ve dug up (or just spotted on the front page of digg) another travel-related site.

Enter the world of Trippish, an advanced road trip calculator. Type in your coordinates and it calculates total travel distance, time, weather along the way, and the best time of day to leave. Shazamm (sp?).

One of the big caveats (or just an unfulfilled personal preference) is the choice to use Microsoft’s Virtual Earth rather than the favorite Google Maps. Minor qualm, but I gots to have my Google Maps.

Either way, I’ll definitely be using Trippish when I drive home for the summer in early May. Thank you semester system.

Road Trip ‘Till You Slip: Trippish