If you like Star Wars, here’s a cute “Easter” Egg inside Windows XP:

1. Start > Run
2. telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
3. Enjoy!


That’s not the point of this entry.

Since I will be spending this holiday working on my senior thesis, I thought I’d share with you all some of my frequently used Firefox extensions (you know, the ones that actually HELP productivity):

1. Adblock Plus
This will block all those annoying ads that are absolutely everywhere nowadays (even on this site!).

2. BugMeNot
Are you searching for a specific article from an online journal? Are you a student without the $19.95 to pay for the access to just that one article? The BugMeNot Firefox Extension grabs login information from BugMeNot.com. I use this all the time. I rarely have to sign up anymore for websites I know I will only use once.

3. Faviconize Tab
While you’re doing online research, you most certainly have a bajillion tabs open. With this useful extension, you can double-click on a tab and have its length shorten to just an icon, letting you view more tabs at once!

4. Google Images Re-Linker
This extension will skip the “context” of a Google Image, going right to the Full Image. Oh, this saves my sanity.

5. Google Preview
While searching through Google, this extension will give you a thumbnail screenshot (preview) of the websites listed.


6. LeechBlock
This has got to be my favorite. Currently, I have it set up to only allow me to visit HackCollege.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, RosarioDoriott.com, etc. (aka the “unproductive” websites) during the first 10 minutes of every hour between 11am and midnight. All other times, they are blocked. This is essential for getting anything done!

For the same effect,
Enter the Time Periods: 1110-1200,1210-1300,1310-1400,1410-1500,1510-1600,1610-1700,1710-1800,1810-1900, etc…

Happy Productivity!