The multitude of us college students woke up Wednesday morning and probably felt some growing pains. This should come as a surprise, because puberty is as much as history as the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

Facebook unveiled its most-drastic layout change yet, along with some cool new features. The layout is the first new completely different layout that I’ve seen; changes in the past have been additions, not reorganizations. More surprisingly–as far as I can tell–there haven’t been groups upon groups created proclaiming, “We hate the new Facebook!” I guess it’s because these drop-down lists are so damn cool.

The next thing of note, the “network profile,” is exactly what users were dying for. It creates a profile for each network (city, school, high school). The best feature of the network profile is the upcoming events in the specified network. Talk about efficient consolidation. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if desperate student organizations start abusing this feature. Also, the discussion board and wall seems out of place and a little too public. Time will sort out these bumps.

How do you feel about the changes that your precious Facebook has implemented? Let us know in a comment. And read the official Facebook blog post.