“Holy shit, that’s Rachel Jones.”

It seems like everyone around me is getting famous. On Saturday, the New York Times ran a follow-up story to their on-going coverage of this student loan madness. The girl they interviewed (and who is pictured) is the exact girl that we posted on last week. (Some of my friends are saying she was on the front page. This has still yet to be confirmed. LMU doesn’t get the print edition on the weekends.)

The article interviews Rachel and reports on further same-bed arrangements between lenders and school officials.

Hopefully the plague around the country (world?) of school officials owning stocks in and/or receiving kickbacks from lenders will be ridden in my tenure as a student. I still don’t know if what school officials are doing is ultimately illegal, but it is nonetheless raising eyebrows around the country.

Last time I checked, customer abuse did not make the list of responsibilities of a successful and well-received business