HackCollege is making great progress. When Rosario and I started this site, we aimed to have a steady increase in traffic each month. April has been the best month to date, and we’re less than a year old. As always, we’d like to thank the regular readers and welcome the new visitors.

We bought $10 worth of StumbleUpon ads which doubled the number of RSS subscribers and has added few more regular visitors. Awesome.

This summer, Rosario and I are hoping to make some changes and a few overhauls including (but not limited to):

  • A new site layout. We like the look, but we’ve grown enough to where we want something we’ve built from scratch. We have more control over our own system that way.

  • New sections/regular features.

  • A new editor or two.

  • A few new writers.

If you’d like to help us out, just let us know.

Quick stats for the month of April:

  • Number of Unique Visitors: 3,562

  • Most looked-at page (minus the front page): Windows Vista Free for Students

  • City Producing the Most Visitors: Los Angeles (as expected)