Every college I’ve heard of has the foreign language requirement. With exams coming up, I’m sure many of you have review sheets that you’re spending hours filling out in study groups. I know a friend of mine last night was asking me for help with his French.

To which, I replied, “Par-lay-vu sans Franz-ay.” He laughed. I speak no French.

But here’s a tip: Find a native speaker on Skype! Because, well, the WORLD does not use AMERICA Online Instant Messenger.

Continue Reading for further instructions on how to find a native speaker, if you’re not familiar with Skype.

So, after downloading Skype and choosing a nickname and all that, go to Contacts > Search for Skype Users…. Then, just fill in the details (Note: Your best bet is to input English as their Language). Click Find, and Voila! Click Add Skype Contact on a few of those you find because you’ll have to request to add them, and they might not even be online (time differences!). Soon enough, you’ll probably find someone just as willing to practice their English with you as you are to practice your foreign language with them! Sweet deal.

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