If you had trouble choosing just one photo to frame for Mom because you have so many good pictures, then why not create a mosaic using all of them?

Although this project will be more expensive to print out for Mom, it is very easy and requires no image-editing skills whatsoever. And, uh, the results are freakin’ amazing. (Continue reading for further instruction on how to use the program)

Also available in French: Patchwork Maker 2.1.

After downloading the program and selecting your language (English, in my case –as I speak absolutely no French), set up a folder including all the images you want included in your masterpiece.

(1) Choose one picture to be the main image. (Click the first highlighted button)
(2) Select the folder containing all your images. (Click the second highlighted button)
(3) Adjust to taste. I recommend strong coloration.


Click convert, and then just wait an hour or two. I can assure you; the results are surprisingly very nice for a “free” program.