Is Facebook blocked? Oh, no! Recently, A reader wrote to us, asking:

i am at my new job in this cooperate office…and they block access to facebook. how am i supposed to waste my time at work if i can’t stalk my new neighbors? the only website i know that you can, you know, beat the system is ninja proxy and it’s kinda shittty. I looked on hackcollege and couldn’t find anything on this important subject. help

HackCollege to the rescue! Answer: Use Google:

  • Attempt #1. Translate the page from English to English. This way, you will be able to access the blacklisted site, in this case Facebook, through a Google address.|en&

  • Attempt #2. Surf through Google Web Toolkit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work too well with Facebook, but it does work with Myspace.
  • Attempt #3. Pretend you’re a mobile device and access the address through Google XHTML. Same as above.

  • Attempt #4. As you suggested, use a proxy. There are hundreds, even thousands. Here’s a quick list:

  • Attempt #5. Go to the IT department and ask about it. Make a new friend.

If all of those attempts don’t grant you access, you are out of luck. Get back to work!