Facebook has been on fire lately – due mostly to the release of the new Facebook platform. It seems as though new applications are developed every day. But before there was the Facebook platform, users could add new functionality to Facebook through the use of scripts and Greasemonkey. Below are some of my favorite scripts to enhance your Facebook experience.

NOTE: To use any of these scripts you must be using Firefox and have the Greasemonkey extension installed. Download Greasemonkey here.

  • Facebook Fixer – Adds recently added, updated and online friends sections on the main menu, Enlarges profile pictures when hovering over them, adds links to view all friends, groups, notes and items on profiles, and more.

  • Facebook Autologin v2 – Will automatically login to your Facebook account as long as your password is stored in Firefox.

  • View Photo in Album – This will add a link above photos to view them within their albums, and it works even if your not the person’s friend.

There are tons of other scripts to customize Facebook and other websites at Userscripts.org.

Use another awesome Facebook script? Leave us a comment!