While prepping to pay for college again, I’ve run into a few interesting student-centric financial articles lately. I thought I’d share the skinny:

Flip Side of the Dream: Having an unusually hard time finding a job this summer? Times columnist Bob Herbert might know why. The article is from TimeSelect, so get access here.

A Math Lesson on College Loans: You know that super-duper no-co-signer Stafford loan you’re using? It’s a federal direct loan — the best thing you can opt for, especially in the midst of recent loan scandals — but what if it could cover more than $3,500?

MyRichUncle: student lender leverages loan scandal: A strange option in the paying-for-college department called a “human capital contract.” Get money for college by signing away a small percentage of your future income for 10-15 years out of college: if you’re the next Bill Gates, they rake in the cash… but if you make nothing, you pay nothing. This older article from the International Herald Tribune got me started.