Way too, too, too many college students either lose their cell phone or get a new one and then advertise to all of Facebook that they’ve lost their contacts. Boo hoo. Have none of them ever heard of Zyb? Now you, loyal HackCollege reader, have.

Zyb is (of course) free. The service will store and keep all your contacts, your calendar, and even those text messages from your lover that you cherish… safe, online, and available 24/7. It supports virtually every mobile phone (even the old ones).

Sign up and follow the directions to sync your phone with the service. You’ll need an Internet connection, but practically all cell phones these days have that capability. If you’ve downloaded ringtones from your phone before, you’re fine.

Zyb will send their “settings” right to your phone, and whenever you remember, you’ll just click “sync” now and then. No need to get on a computer. No need to type in your contacts. Just click “sync” right from your phone, and Zyb will receive all your contacts, calendar, and sms.

This is perfect if you lose your phone, if your phone dies, if your phone stops working (i.e., you spilled liquid on it), or if your phone gets stolen. If you’re abroad this summer, get this service immediately.