In another Microsoft-reminiscent swoop to incorporate third-party application features into Facebook itself, the Facebook Blog just announced the extension of wall posts into the realms of pictures and video. Cool.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money for a fancy MacBook or Sony Vaio, so I can’t do some field reporting with PhotoBooth (or the Sony equivalent).

This is all great and is an expected improvement. The thing that’s most concerning, however, is that Facebook seems to be squashing smaller, original third-party apps. The Super Wall Application, a third-party application with an identical feature-set that boasted 2,849,543 total users today, will inevitably suffer. Sure, these wall additions are nothing major. But the limited potential of Facebook applications allows the big (and maybe bad?) Facebook to copy any idea willy-nilly. And Facebook is the landlord. So when fancy-pants analysts say that Facebook is the next Microsoft, they could be right, but not in the way they originally thought.

We’ll keep an eye out for you, Facebook. Until then, I’m going to litter my friends walls with pictures of kittens.