Yesterday evening I trekked down to Seattle to check out one of the inaugural Facebook Developer Garages. Think a networking party with beer and laptops and above-average IQs.

There were two presentations, mostly talking about the technical workings behind the new Facebook Platform. The biggest point of the talks was to design to retain users. Sorry to say it, but the X Me application might not stick around forever. Their graphs (from what I could tell) showed that these one-trick pony applications aren’t cutting it.

Most of the audience members seemed eager to be there, ready to share their ideas and network. You won’t see all of the ideas materialize into cute Facebook applications, and even fewer will you want to use. By serving up a tour, however, Facebook is drumming up plenty of support for platform. You’ll see some truly ingenious applications, just not quite yet.

Stay tuned. Although the “killer app” (I hate that phrase) has not arrived–yet–expect an article soon about the best apps out there right now.