Wouldn’t it be great if there was some cool interface to somehow organize what you and your roommate were going to bring to school? Man, it would be great if that existed, really great. Oh wait, it does… kind of. This post is about a new site called Homeslyce.

You Do It Like This

Step one: Talk to your roommate. Two: Log into Homeslyce, build the perfect dorm room. Three: Divy up payment. To give the system a try, I selected one of the template rooms they had available. The most interesting one was the “Gamer” room. $2,660 later, I would have a sweet room specifically engineered for playing video games. The collaborative and shopping element of the site work great, but there are a few drawbacks. That brings us to…

Room (zing!) For Improvement

Homeslyce is great for what it is, but it isn’t quite “Web 2.0″ yet. Unless you attend [school known for irreverent students that are children of millionaires], you can’t even begin to afford a room built with Homeslyce. It’s like building the best MacBook Pro possible on Apple.com; let’s face it, you’re never going to buy it.

The one feature that Homeslyce needs to add is the ability for me to add “ratty old Lay-Z-Boy” to my shopping list. They could easily be a one-stop shop for assembling dorm rooms.

For now, it’s useful for those with deep bank accounts. For me, it’s useful to dream.