During the month of July alone, perhaps due to the Facebook Platform launching, HackCollege saw a tenth of its traffic come from Facebook-related searches, specifically for useful Facebook apps.

Google has spoken, and now we shall respond. Here are the Top 10 Golden Platinum Exclusive List of Facebook Applications for College Students (in no particular order):

The Top 10

  1. Marketplace:

    Students may not realize that, technically, Marketplace is a Facebook app. While it’s still rough around the edges, it could control the playing field by the end of next school year. We’d like to see a separate area for books, preferably one that identifies ISBN numbers and such.

  2. iLike:

    This run-away-success-of-an-application deserves its crown. A music player, band recommender and tracker, and music quizzer all rolled into one, this application rocks.

  3. Send SMS:

    For the astute socialites, people unlike myself, you must immediately install Send SMS. It places a box inside your profile, allowing anyone with Facebook access to send you a quick text message. It’s just one more way to keep Facebook with you at all times.

  4. Honesty Box:

    You’ve always wanted to know what other people think of you, now you–well–might be able to. Another great thing idea that doesn’t work out so hot in practice, but it has still randomly brightened up a day or two.

  5. I Can Has Cheezburger?:

    Why are lolcatz so funny? I usually don’t even like cats…

  6. PayPal:

    The only reason this bill-paying application is making the list is because of its already established user base. Just about anyone that has bought something on eBay probably has PayPal. Now you can postpone the 30-minute bill-paying decision at restaurants. Sign me up.

  7. SkypeMe:

    The world would be a better place if we all didn’t have to pay phone bills. Everyone would be happier and richer. They could use the money to–say–buy someone a drink or donate to a noble cause.

…and that’s it. I was hoping to make it to 10, I really was. Simply put, there aren’t 10 Facebook applications the productivity-loving HackCollege team values out of the 2,516 applications available (as of 8/3/07). Ouch. We just want some new functionality that makes us go “Ooooh” and something where we wouldn’t mind clicking an ad, not an app that leaves the sour taste of MySpace in our mouth.

Instead of picking out 10 that we do like, we will present you with honorable mentions and the worst Facebook applications and categories.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Movies:

    A laundry list of complaints keeps this one out of the Top 7. It’s a space hog on your profile, and the information it tells users seems to be more ads than anything else. If I want to see what people thing of a movie before seeing it, I’ll check out Metacritic.

  2. Graffiti:

    I like Graffiti, but it just takes up too much space. And I’m bitter because I never developed my MS Paint-ing skills.

The Worst Facebook Applications

We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, so we’ll keep it vague. Our message as avid Facebook users is: don’t quit your day job.

  1. Anything in the “Just for Fun”:

    No, I will not Roshambull you. No, I do not want to give you a tattoo. No, I don’t want to create my likeness in [raunchy cartoon]‘s spirit. And guess what, I have a gun with silver bullets and I can kill zombies with kicks “to the dome.”

  2. Any application that builds (unsuccessfully) upon Facebook’s existing feature set:

    To get a little technical here, it’s not possible to build on every aspect of Facebook’s API. You can’t magically add websites to the wall, nor can you double the width of your profile picture. So instead people have duplicated that. Answer me this: do I post on your Fun Wall, your Super Wall, your Advanced Wall, or your normal Wall?

  3. Any application that attempts to stroke your ego:

    The Extended Info app is in this category. If you add this and fill it out, your ego needs readjusting. In the corner case where someone would spend the time to sift through your “extended info,” you should consider a restraining order.

And there you have it.