I’m going to Europe, so I especially have an excuse — but we’re all trying to pack light — so skip the “Dream Machine” or that screeching little brown box of wake-up hell. Now, the iTunes Alarm will arouse you (from sleep).



I’ve been an avid user of iTunes Alarm for about a year now and it’s really super. The detail is unbelievable. The program, though a little confusing at first, includes every imaginable feature for the perfect alarm clock. The only problem I have is with leaving my computer on all day and night, but at least iTunes Alarm grants your mainframe a little shut-eye.

The barrier for other alarm clocks on the Mac has been the sleep function. When the computer falls asleep, it saves the current state of your open applications and your desktop. When the computer automatically falls asleep to conserve energy, some alarms (like the alerts built in to iCal), are disabled until you flip open your laptop again. And so, the Catch-22: your computer can’t wake you up until you wake it up.

No more, with iTunes Alarm. You can set up to five alarms that start/stop music, wake-up/sleep the computer or switch playlists. Unfortunately for some, there is also a snooze function.