I’m studying abroad in Germany once again come Tuesday. I’ve started packing digitally, at least. I can’t quite afford to bring along my 80 gigs worth of music, especially since my laptop’s hard drive is a measly 40 gigs. I embarked on a solution a few days ago and found the mother lode.

Anywhere.FM looks and functions like iTunes… inside your web browser. It lacks a few features, but it still is not half bad. I’ve been loading my music library into the site for the past week now and I should have access to all of my music while in Deutschland. Did I mention it doesn’t limit your uploads? I’ll just have trouble finding it all, since Anywhere.FM doesn’t have a search function yet.

Anywhere.FM has a few features that will eventually mature. There’s a section for friends’ playlists, although I can’t quite figure out how to find friends. It also seems like the developers are building in some last.fm-esque music discovery functionality. We’ll see.

The site is good enough for me right now, and will only get better.

iTunes in the Cloud: Anywhere.FM