Do you have a roommate? Do you have two? Maybe 5 or more? And would you like to keep your dorm room clean without having to nag everyone else to help out? Check out ChoreBuster. It does just that. Yay!

ChoreBuster allows you to set up a list of chores and arrange them by order of nastiness or difficulty (aka, which chores aren’t so bad and which chores absolutely suck). It then asks you for the names of the people involved (aka, all your roommates) and their email addresses.

It will then sort everything out into a nice schedule that you can print out and display each week. Like who has to clean the toilet, clean the sink, empty the trash, vacuum, get the beer that week, whatever.

And you can set it up to nag your rommmate(s) daily or weekly over email –in my opinion, the best feature.

Thank you so much, ChoreBuster, for keeping us distal proximity players in mind. Face-to-face communication is just too risky.