One reader writes: “Hey, I have this book [...], and I was wondering if you knew where I could get notes for it. PLEASE HELP!”

Here at HackCollege, we would love to help you study.

  • Sparknotes is probably the best known. Not limited to just literature, its online study guides cover philosophy, psychology, and more.
  • PinkMonkey is not as user friendly, but it covers a lot of literature as well.
  • FreeBookNotes is yet another.
  • SchoolBytes has literature guides and other suggestions.
  • JiffyNotes has a few.
  • Awerty has literature notes.
  • Yahoo’s Education Section has a list of several Cliffsnotes.
  • GradeSaver has literature notes and other samples.
  • Someone organized a list of popular high-school reading notes over at Tripod.
  • LitSum argues that it has more literature study guides than any other website.
  • BookWolf has a small selection.
  • CliffsNotes has study guides for literature and other subjects.
  • Shvoong has literature guides and other samples.
  • NovelGuide features several guides to classic literature.
  • Homework-Online has a few literature guides, too.
  • TheBestNotes is user generated and is always adding new notes.
  • BookRags has been around since 1999 and boast over 90,000 critiques.


If any of those sites fail, always try a Google search: "Book Title", "Author", summary or "Book Title", "Author", analysis or "Book Title", "Author", notes or whatever else. You get the idea.

Please add to this list in the comments! And always feel free to ask us for help.