I recently found and tested the convenience of CampusFood, so I thought I’d share my positive results.

After selecting my “campus”, CampusFood listed several of the local restaurants available for take-out or delivery in my area. I was craving some Mexican food with a Chinese twist, so I clicked this Chinese-run “Fresh Taco” restaurant I really like to see their full menu online. I was craving a burrito and some chicken and rice soup. Yum.

I selected to pay with a credit card (since I never have cash on me), waited a minute for the confirmation email to arrive (letting me know my order went through), and then… Ding, Dong! In 30 minutes, they were at my door. I had already tipped the delivery boy online with my credit card, so all I had to do was run downstairs, say, “Thank You!”, run back up, and start eating.

I was floored with how effective this was!

The service also allows pre-ordering and even ordering by text message. I will never save another menu or restaurant phone number again!